Saturday, 2 March 2013

Recycling in Kindergarten

Our  recycling inquiry continues!

Here are the reference posters that I talked about in our last recycling blog.   These poster are located on our classroom door and students often re-visit to check and/or confirm where things go when they are eating snack or lunch.

Students have been working on using the puppet pals app on iPads to develop a public service message about how to recycle.  They have choice of background and characters in their video and are responsible for creating the message. The goal of each video is to help people understand how to recycle.  Students discovered that it is good to have a plan in place (to practice what you want to say) and that sometimes it takes more than one attempt to create a video!  

Here are a few of the videos that have been created so far!

Students have opportunities to share their videos with our team, inspiring others to take on the challenge of creating a recycling video.  Students who view the videos are encouraged to make a connection or to give a compliment about what they have just seen and/or heard. 

We would love to hear what other people are thinking as they watch these videos.  Please share with us your ideas and connections.

Team Jelleybean

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  1. Looks good ryland. Keep up the great work