Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Patterns in nature

Our Parent and Family Literacy Centre had butterflies!  Yes real butterflies.  We watched them as they changed from little caterpillars, to chrysalis, to beautiful butterflies.  Each day a group from our class went into the PFLC to observe and document what was happening.

We borrowed this fantastic book from PFLC and discovered connections to all kinds of patterns outside.  Did you know that a butterflies wings have a pattern?  Look closely to the photo on the cover of this book!

We decided to try to make our own patterned butterflies.  Using a coffee filter and beautiful coloured markers, patterns were created for the wings.

                Once the pattern was complete, drops of water were added and the colours spread.

Hmm...look what happened here.  The colours blended together to form a new colour. 

Beautiful butterflies!

A simple provocation became an invitation to create beautiful butterfly paintings.

As I sat on the dock at my cottage this weekend a beautiful butterfly fluttered around me, constantly moving here and there but never going very far away from me. What inspired that butterfly to stay so close?  Its beauty,  its energy and its curiosity reminded me of the students I get the pleasure to work with everyday.  

At this time I would like to share with everyone who follows this blog that I am embarking on a new adventure next year as a Mathematics Consultant K-3 with York Region District School Board.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have inspired my thinking and learning which ultimately has resulted in amazing happenings in my classroom, some of which I have tried to make visible by sharing through this blog.  I hope to continue with a blog next year, focusing specifically on my new journey and hopefully some learnings I can continue to share with you.  What that will look like I am not sure so please be patient with me as I begin this new chapter in my learning.  

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